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Novel Critiquing Group

The CSFG novel critiquing group meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 7:30pm.

The group meets at the ACT Writers’ Centre offices at Gorman House.  It is open to any CSFG members with completed draft novel manuscripts and critiques up to 8 manuscripts per year, with the roster of manuscripts decided at the beginning of the year on a first-in basis.

Members nominate for a particular month to have their manuscript critiqued and electronically deliver the manuscript following the preceding meeting, ensuring the group has a full month to read the novel and prepare feedback. One manuscript is critiqued per meeting.

There is a general checklist of points for critique, so that crits have a consistent structure for ease of interpretation, and members are also invited to specify any particular aspect of the manuscript they especially want feedback on.  The meetings follow the Guild’s usual crit-group structure: critiquers speak in turn to deliver their critiques, and the author does not take the floor until the end of the process to respond and discuss the critiques.

Participants are expected to attend a majority of the group’s meetings for the year, and to provide written critiques for all other manuscripts.

The novel critiquing group is open to all CSFG financial members.

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