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Writing Resources

A number of CSFG members maintain blogs and webpages or have other resources available online about various aspects of writing, editing and storytelling:

Chris Andrews shares tips and resources he’s developed for planning and writing novels.

Alan Baxter has developed a fiction writer’s resource for creating realistic, convincing fight scenes, drawing on his experience as a kung fu instructor, available in various e-formats for US$2.99.

Donna Maree Hanson blogs about writing and editing, including:
– this series of interviews with novelists on beta reading
– this series of interviews with editors on editing, ranging from small and large press editors and including anthologists and novel editors.

Ian McHugh shares tips on storytelling and short-story writing.

Nicole R Murphy blogs about working as a writer including this series of interviews with writers on their habits and processes for writing.

Gillian Polack has a regular column on writing at BiblioBuffet.

Kaaron Warren has blogged this series of her own and others’ guest posts on how writers refresh their wells of creativity.

Giulio Zambon blogs about writing (and about topics of interest to writers, including science, science fiction, technology, artificial intelligence and history)

(Note that while CSFG provides these links, the views expressed on members’ own websites and other websites are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CSFG.)

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