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Winds of Change

Winds of Change, edited by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Cover - Winds of Change

Change is only ever a breath away. Its arrival may be as swift as a slamming door or as slow as the inevitable march of evolution.

It is the unseen madness vibrating through the air, the first spaceship through a manufactured wormhole and the only flying machine that doesn’t run on magic.

Join twenty-four talented authors as they use science fiction, fantasy and horror to explore how we deal with transformation. Let yourself be swept away by Winds of Change.

AUD $24.95 trade paperback (+ $7 postage within Australia = $31.95)  Paypal or Contact Us

USD $4.99 e-book – available in most formats from Smashwords, Kobo Books, iTunes and Barnes & Noble

Stories and authors:

Wraiths by Jason Nahrung

Gravity Express by Naomi Mondello

Time Capsule by Tsana Dolichva

The Tether of Time by Leife Shallcross

Trigger by Zena Shapter

Babel by Robin Shortt

Saint Olivia’s Light by Carol Ryles

In Need of Assistance by Chris Andrews

After the Bombs by Adam Tucker

The Horns of Elfland by Crisetta MacLeod

Time Spent by David Coleman

Soul of the Machine by Maxine McArthur

Dream Shadow by Alan Baxter

Giant by Annelise Roberts

Evolution Baby by Lesley Boland

The Princess by Valerie Y.L. Toh

Children of the Ashes by Greg Mellor

By Watcher’s Pool by James Goodrum

Turning the Blood by Donna Maree Hanson

Watching by Nicole Murphy

The Stormchilds by Helen Stubbs

The Fool by Jane Virgo

Dragonfly by Cat Sheely

Stone-singer by Joanna Fay

Trailer – created by Nicole Murphy


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