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The Outcast

The Outcast: An Anthology of Exiles and Strangers, Edited by Nicole R Murphy

They are the richest of characters: unique, interesting, provocative, good and bad, right and wrong; and their stories are the ones that beg to be told.  Outcasts.

The Outcast: An Anthology of Exiles and Strangers is the sixth of the CSFG’s anthologies, edited by Nicole R Murphy with a cover by Les Petersen.  The book was launched at Conjure, the 2006 national Australian SF convention by Sean Williams.

AUD $9.95 trade paperback (+ $7 postage within Australia = $16.95)  Paypal or Contact Us

Stories and Authors

“The Fallen” by Mik Bennett
“Selfhood” by Cory Daniells
“Save Galaxy Fast!” by Steven Cavanagh
“An Offer Too True to be Good” by Andrew Sullivan
“Woman Train” by Kaaron Warren
“The Future Gun” by Shane Brown
“Mine” by Martin Livings
“The Mudfish Goddess” by A.M. Muffaz
“Watcher” by Ross Hamilton
“Lead Us Out of the Wilderness” by David Kok
“The Returned Soldier” by Siobhan Bailey
“Awakening the Spirit” by Kylie Seluka
“Sacrifice for the Nation” by Monica Carroll
“The Little Wooden Flute” by Robert Hoge
“On the Way to Habassen” by Richard Harland
“Holding Out for a Hero” by Tansy Rayner Roberts
“Things of Beauty” by Susan Wardle
“Blue Stars for All Saviours’ Day” by Cat Sparks
“Bakemono” by Maxine Macarthur”
“The Rubbish Witch” by Lily Chrywenstrom

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