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The CSFG Gastronomicon

The CSFG Gastronomicon, edited by Stuart Barrow

This anthology from the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild is full of twisted stories and tasteful recipes, along with tasteful stories and twisted recipes. Spaceships are served with pikelets, werewolves with chocolate, andmermaids with tea. And there’s pixies, spirits, beans, gods, damsels in distress, lotsand lots ofspices, thousand-year-old eggs and thoroughly modern bubble gum?

AUD $4.95 trade paperback (+$2 postage within Australia = $6.95)  Paypal or Contact Us

The Gastronomicon contains 20 stories and 22 recipes from:

Jenny & Stuart Barrow
Zara Baxter
Conor Bendle
Mik Bennett
Geoff Byng
Lily Chrywenstrom
Donna Maree Hanson
Cameron Hill
Tessa Kum
Maxine McArthur
Robbie Matthews
T L Miller
Nicole R Murphy
Gillian Polack
Allan Price
Peter Raftos
Barbara Robson
Kylie Seluka
Valerie Y L Toh
Kaaron Warren

Internal art by:
Mik Bennett
Tony Flowers
Ian McHugh
Brian Smith

Cover art by Les Petersen
Layout by Zara Baxter

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