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Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts was bitten by a Speculative Fiction bug of some sort about five years ago… and has been steadily changing his reading preferences and book and movie-watching/DVD-collecting habits ever since.

He can also sometimes been seen at conventions/’cons’ on an annual basis and on a few specific-related online forums. He joined the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild not long after being bitten by that bug, so he could meet and mix with more people  really ‘into’ the multi-verse of stories that spec fic offers.

After spending much of his early years living in various Australian country towns then suburban areas, and doing his schooling and first part of his Arts-oriented university years in assorted states/territories, he settled in the Canberra area in 1993 and has been here ever since.

Working in a museum/library/archive job has something to do with following childhood dreams…and as a bonus, it finances his reading, collecting and convention-going hobbies.

A book-length published work is still a little way in the future.

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