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Jane Virgo

Jane writes fantasy, science fiction and poetry. She is currently working on three novels. Her story, ‘The Fool’ appeared in the CSFG anthology Winds of Change and her story ‘Kadie Fixit’ won the Conflux 6 writing competition. Several poems can be found on the ANU Poet’s Lunch website. Poems and short stories can also be found at Jane’s writing blog is at
Jane is Chair of Conflux 8 SF Convention in 2012 and has been a committee member for several Conflux SF conventions.
Jane was a founder member of the Shiny Bum Singers, when they gave their first standing-room-only performance at the National Folk Festival. For the next three years she joined her fellow Bums, in spreading the little known the worksongs sung daily by our dedicated public servants as they congregate at their workstations.
Jane joined the Canberra writing scene in 1989, when she co-hosted Writers at Kimbos, a performance venue for poets and prose writers. Jane co-edited the Rescuing Beached Mondays, the collected writings from the first year’s performances. The success of this anthology led to the founding of Boris Books, a small press dedicated to publishing manuscripts by local Canberra writers in those genres that the larger publishing houses often do not consider. Jane has since co-edited several fiction, biography and poetry publications.
Jane holds a BA (Communications) from the NSW University of Technology.
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