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The CSFG’s membership ranges from aspiring authors and creators still at the start of their careers through to published and award-winning professionals, and many members have progressed from the one to the other during their time with the Guild.

You can read about our members and their work by clicking on the links below. Many of the bibliographies provide links to read members’ stories free online. (Note that most of the links will take you to members’ own websites. While CSFG provides these links, the views expressed on members’ own websites are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CSFG).

Mitchell Akhurst (Vice President)

Chris AndrewsAboutBibliography

Peter Barrett Bibliography

Alan BaxterAboutBibliography

Conor Bendle

Mik BennettBibliography

David Beveridge

Phill Berrie (committee member)

David Coleman

Lorraine Cormack

David Dufty (President) – About

Matthew FarrerAbout(cryptic) – About(informative) – Bibliography

Elizabeth FitzgeraldAboutBibliographyEditing

Kimberley Gaal (committee member)

Lee Giles

Ross HamiltonAboutBibliography

Donna Maree HansonAboutBibliography

Georgina Ilyn

Patty Jansen

Rik Lagarto (committee member) – AboutGames PortfolioTheatrical Portfolio

Maxine MacArthurAboutNovelsShort Stories

Ian McHugh (Secretary) – AboutBibliography

Natalie MaddalenaAboutEditing

Robbie MatthewsAbout/Bibliography

Nicole R MurphyAboutBibliography

Linh Nguyen

Shauna O’Meara (committee member)

Simon PetrieAboutBibliography

Robert Phillips

Gillian PolackAboutBibliography

Rob Porteous (Treasurer)

Mike Richards

Tim RobertsAbout

Leife Shallcross (public officer) – AboutBibliography

Zena ShapterAboutBibliography

Alexa Shaw

Cat SheelyAboutBibliography

Robin Shortt

Helen Stubbs

Justin ThomasBibliography

Valerie TohBibliography

David Versace (committee member)

Jane VirgoAbout

David WalkerAboutBibliography

Kaaron WarrenAboutBooks

Giulio ZambonAbout – Bibliography

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