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“This may, in hindsight, have been unwise…”

Tuesday, 18th September, 2012

As part of SpecFicNZ blogging week, Simon Petrie is currently writing the fifth of his Gordon Mamon stories, ‘A Night to Remember’, between 17 and 23 September with each day’s instalment hosted on a different SpecFicNZer’s website. The first day’s instalment is up on Simon’s WordPress site, and he’s listing on his site (and on his ‘punktortoise’ livejournal) where to find the subsequent instalments as they’re released into the wild.

Of his rash commitment, Simon says: “There will be puns. And groans. And, I shouldn’t wonder, continuity errors. It’ll be fun. Or something.”

Feel free to give it a look, and to check out SpecFicNZ to see what our neighbours across the are up to.

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